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Hi there and welcome to my blog! I'm a traditional artist from the UK. I specialise in detailed pencil drawings. I draw many things, including people and portrait drawings, gothic and fantasy art, animals, landscapes, fan art and more. On this blog I will post all my latest finished drawings. I will also keep you updated with work in progress pictures of the latest art that I am working on and keep you informed with any news regarding me and my artwork. My website -

Friday, 9 December 2011

Work in progress update

Here's a bit more progress on this drawing.
It's starting to get there now but still got work to do yet, got to add some more detail, shading and blending yet.
Photo reference is from saligiastock on deviantart - 
I'm trying to get this finished as soon as poss but I am also working on a large dog portrait for someone too.
I'm looking forward to showing you the finished piece! 

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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Preview of some upcoming drawings.

Work in progress of a commissioned dog portrait - Alice.
The person I'm doing this for has very kindly been given permission to show you the progress of this drawing. Still much to do, shading blending and fine details will be done next, then it should really start to come together.
I'm enjoying drawing it and it's nice to be drawing an animal for a change.
It's quite large, drawn on size A3 smooth Bristol board.
So far I've used HB and 2B mechanical pencils.
I'm still trying to do bits on my other drawings in between doing it but mainly concentrating on this at the moment.


 This is another of the pieces that I'm working on, just doing bits on this in between other drawings. Quite a lot still to do on it yet.
Reference for this comes from SaligiaStock on Deviantart -
I liked the contrast from dark to light. The black in the background really is that dark, I've gone through so much pencil lead doing it so far.
It's drawn on A4 220gsm smooth cartridge paper, so far using HB, 2B mechanical pencils(0.5mm) and 5B pencil.
I've not been too well recently and drawing progress has been slow, sorry for not keeping my blog updated,  but I'm much better now and am back in the swing of things.

Have not gotten round to finishing the Geddy Lee drawing that I showed you in my last post but plan to get it finished during this week.

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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Gremlin pumpkin sculpture.

Thought I would show you the pumpkin that I've done for this year. Couldn't decide what to do this year but then remembered the movie Gremlins and thought it would make a good pumpkin.
Spent ages sculpting into this using all sorts of stuff but it was fun to do.
Happy Halloween to you all!

You can check out more of my Halloween art and pumpkins at my Facebook page -

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloween drawing. A female vampire, bats and a full moon

Decided to draw something a bit different for Halloween this year and this is what I came up with, quite a dark drawing.
Hope you like it!
I used this stock photo - by LinzStock on Deviantart as a reference.
No reference used for the background.
Size A4, so far I've used HB and 2B mechanical pencils, various other grades of pencil, blending stumps, cotton buds and erasers.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Work in progress: A couple of guitars.

Work in progress: 
I thought I would let you see a bit of something else I’m working on, part of a three piece project I’m doing.
These are actually two different drawings on two different sheets of A4 paper, but I joined them together to show you on here.
Still need a bit of tidying up and both guitars will also eventually have a portrait and something else drawn next to them.There will be a third drawing which will have a drum kit in it.Can you guess which band I’m drawing?
Still working on the Jessica Alba drawing and other stuff. Quite busy with drawings at the moment.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Work in progress - Jessica Alba WIP 3

Sorry about the lack of updates recently, got a bit behind with things lately.
Here’s the third work in progress picture of the Jessica Alba drawing I’m working on.
Making a bit more progress on this now.
Still got plenty to do but it’s starting to come together and now I’ve finally done some work on the bottom half of the drawing too.
Going to be starting on the details and shading next, should start to look better then.

Size is A3 so had to scan this in two pieces.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Work in progress - Jessica Alba.

Work in progress - Jessica Alba WIP 2.
A little more progress on this drawing, still loads to do though. I’ve started doing some work on the background.
Still not done anything to the bottom half of the drawing.
Still looks a bit rough at this stage, should start looking better when I start adding more detail.
Working on another drawing as well so I’m trying to do bits to this when I can.

Jessica Alba - WIP 1.
This is one of the drawings I’m working on at the moment.
Loads still to do to this, as you can see, and this is only half the drawing, not started the bottom half yet.
Not much in the way of detail yet, still much work to do on it. Full size of the finished drawing will be A3 (297mm x 420mm).
I am still busy working on other drawings and commissions at the moment too, I will keep you updated with the progress of things.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Re-post: A couple of recent commissioned drawings.

Sorry about the re-submitting of this, I accidentally deleted the post when I was trying to replace the old pictures with the watermarked ones. Anyway here it is again.

Here are just a couple of commission drawings I have done for people recently.
I can't always show all my commission pieces but here's two that I can show you. 
I've been very busy with commissions lately but most are done now, so I will be able to get back to doing more of my own drawings for a while. 

Commissioned drawing: Joshua.

A drawing that I was recently commissioned to do.
The client wanted me to draw her little boy for a Birthday present for her partner.
She was pleased with the drawing and I am told that her partner liked his present and had a good Birthday. 

Size is A3 (420mm x 297mm), drawn on Bristol board 250gsm smooth paper. Mainly done with HB and 2B mechanical pencil (0.5mm), but used a few other grades of normal pencil too. For blending I used blending stumps cotton buds and tissues. Also used normal & kneaded erasers. 
Had to scan it in two halves, also it didn't seem to scan too well for some reason.

Commissioned drawing: Kian.

This is another of the recent drawings that I was commissioned to do.
The client wanted her Grandchild drawing. She only had a small, low resolution photo for me to use as a reference. She was very happy with the finished drawing.

Size is A4 (210mm x297mm), drawn on 220 gsm smooth surface cartridge paper. I used 2B & HB mechanical pencils(0.5 mm), various other grades of pencil ranging from3H to 5B, blending stumps, cotton buds, tissues, normal & kneaded erasers.

Monday, 4 July 2011

A case of on-line art theft (update).

I had case of someone stealing my art recently (Friday 1st July). It was my Eliza Dushku drawing, and it was posted onto Eliza's official facebook page.  This is the second time that somebody has done this but this time someone put a fake signature on it. Unbelievable!
People told me about it and luckily the picture was removed very quickly.

It makes me mad to think that people steal art like this! Hours of hard work go into my drawings and it's horrible to see somebody else trying to claim my work as theirs.

I am now thinking that I am going to have to change the watermarks on my work, may have to put a larger and more prominent watermark on them.

I must say a big THANK YOU to the good people that alerted me about what happened!
It happened to another artist on the same site -
On Eliza's official facebook page she asked people to send in fan art of her, the winning artwork would then be featured as her profile picture for a while. 
The winning piece was a great painting by the artist Paul Burrow, trouble is that Paul did not submit it, somebody else posted it without his permission and claimed credit for it.
It was eventually sorted out, many people (including Paul himself) spotted what had happened and a large amount of comments were posted saying it was Pauls work.
Paul Burrow did eventually get credit for his drawing and Paul has said that his website hits have shot through the roof. 
You can check out Paul Burrows website here -, his artwork is superb.

It's just a shame that some of Eliza's fans seem that desperate to get noticed that they resort to art theft! 

Anyway because of what happened with my artwork being stolen twice now, I am in the process of changing the watermarks on all of my drawings in the hope of deterring people from stealing my work.  I don't like watermarks very much but I think I have no choice but to use them.
I'm sorry for my lack of activity recently.

Things haven't quite been going to plan and I've had a difficult time with things lately.
It's been a tough year for me in many ways.
I got way behind with everything lately but hopefully things are getting back to normal now and I will be able to get back on schedule with the things I want to do. Still got commissions to finish but trying to work on completing my own drawings too.

I will try to keep this blog updated a bit more from now on.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Latest finished drawing


My latest finished drawing.
This is a little bit different to my other drawings. It's quite a emotional drawing. The girl has tears running down her face, She's got her hand on her heart and there are storm clouds in the sky. She is faced with someone she loves leaving her for good. 
She knows that she can never get back what she had and is faced with the sadness of a future without him.

The old building in the background is Tamworth Castle, which is actually in the town near to where I live and I’ve been wanting to put it in one of my drawings for a while.
Many thanks goes to Alraunie-stock on deviantart for the reference of the girl! Here’s the link to the original stock photo - [link] I changed it a quite lot, I added a jacket, long hair,changed the dress and more.

Size is A3 (297mm x 420mm)..
I used HB & 2B mechanical pencil (0.5mm), various other grades of pencil ranging from 3H to 5B, blending stumps, cotton buds, tissues, kneaded & normal erasers.

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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Three quick drawings

Three quick drawings that I did
On my Facebook page, for a couple of days,  I asked people to suggest something for me to draw  as a quick drawing, I then drew it that day.
They are not nearly as detailed as most of my drawings due to being done in a short space of time. 

Here are the three quick drawings that I did.



Many thanks to everyone for the suggestions, I enjoyed drawing them! 

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Latest work in progress.

This is the drawing that I’m working on at the moment, still got lots to do to this.
It’s a little bit different to my celebrity portraits. 
I used a stock photo on Deviantart from Alraunie-stock - as a  rough reference for the girl, but have changed it quite a lot, I added a jacket, long hair,changed the dress and more.
The old building in the background is Tamworth Castle, which is actually in the town near to where I live and I’ve been wanting to put it in one of my drawings for a while.
Lots of stuff still to do to this(including that hand), still looking a bit rough at the moment but I’m hoping to get it finished soon.
Also got a couple of celebrity portraits that I need to get finished, will get them done after this drawing is complete.

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Monday, 7 March 2011

I’m drawing again.

I’ve started drawing again after a very difficult start to the year.
The last couple of months have been tough for me and with everything that went on I couldn’t really concentrate on my artwork, but things are getting a bit better and I’m enjoying drawing again. 
I started a new drawing a few days ago, something a little bit different, hope you will like it.
Also got a couple of portraits that I need to get finished, will get them done after my latest drawing is complete.
Thanks everyone for being patient with me! :)

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Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Just want let you know why I have not been very active lately.
This year has been a very sad one for me and my family and things aren’t getting much better. Not only did I lose my Dad last month, which I have been finding very hard to come to terms with, but my Grandads partner recently passed away too. They were together for 17 years, she was a lovely person and my Grandad loved her dearly. 
My Grandad is 91 years old and he’s not coping with the loss of his partner and we are worried about him, we are having to spend a lot of time with him and having to give him lots of support to try and help him through this.
So, with the worry of my Grandad and me also trying to cope with the loss of my Father I have been finding things very hard.
These are difficult times, it’ been such a horrible year.
I said a while ago that I had started drawing again, well, I did do a bit of drawing but because of everything that’s happening at the moment I still haven’t got a finished drawing to show you yet. 
Sorry for not being around much and not posting anything new on here for a while, I hope you understand the reasons why.
Thanks for being patient with me!

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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Eliza Dushku. Very detailed and realistic pencil portrait drawing.

My drawing of the Actress Eliza Dushku, known for playing the role of Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and more recently was the star of the show Dollhouse. One of the most detailed portraits that I’ve done, I put a lot of time and effort into this one. It’s quite a large drawing, size A3. The necklace she’s wearing was a crazy thing to draw and probably took longer to do than any other part of the drawing. I’m very pleased with this and the level of realism I got into it and it’s my favourite portrait that I have done. 
I used HB and 2B 5mm mechanical pencil, HB 7mm mechanical pencil, various different grades of pencil ranging from 2H – 5B, blending stumps, tissues, kneaded and normal erasers, eraser pencil and lots of cups of tea.

Scarlett Johansson. Detailed pencil drawing

My drawing of Scarlett Johansson . An A4 size drawing (297mm x 210mm)., I tried to put lots of detail into it. I put a lot of time into drawing that dress with so much white and all those ruffles. 
I used HB & 2B mechanical pencil, H2, & H4 pencil, many different kinds of eraser,blending stumps and tissues.

Doctor Who - The Pandorica.

Doctor Who - The Pandorica. Based on the British Sci Fi show. Featuring Matt Smith as the Doctor. The drawing also features his companions - Amy Pond, Rory Williams, and River Song, along with two of his enemies, a Dalek and a Cyberman. I'm actually a big Doctor Who fan and really enjoyed drawing this. 
Size is A3 (420mm x297mm). I used HB and 2B 5mm mechanical pencils, HB 7mm mechanical pencil, various different grades of pencil ranging from 2H – 5B, blending stumps, tissues, kneaded & normal erasers.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar. A very realistic and detailed pencil portrait drawing of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star

My drawing of Sarah Michelle Gellar – star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is one of my favourite portraits. I spent many hours working hard on it trying to make it as realistic as possible. I originally drew this with a black border around it but I think it looks better shown without it. 
I used HB and 2B mechanical pencil 0.5mm, blending stumps, tissues, cotton buds, normal and kneaded erasers. Size is A4.

Carol. A pencil portrait of a family member

This is a drawing I did of a family member. She likes cloud watching so that’s why I did the background like it is, there is actually all sorts of things in those clouds if you look closely. 
It was drawn on A3 size paper. I used HB & 2B mechanical pencil, 5B pencil, tissues, blending stumps, cotton buds and many different sorts of eraser.

Edward Cullen. Detailed pencil drawing of the Twilight character

This is the character Edward Cullen from the Twilight series, played by the Actor Robert Pattinson.
This was drawn for a friend who's daughter is a big Twilight fan.
Drawn on A4 size paper (210mm x 297mm).
I used HB and 2B mechanical pencils - sizes 0.7mm, 0.5mm & 0.35mm. Also many grades of pencil ranging from 2H to 5B.
I used normal, putty eraser and an eraser stick, blending stumps, tissues and cotton buds

Rose McGowan. A detailed pencil drawing of the actress

One of my earlier drawings I did of the Actress – Rose McGowan. 
I recently did a bit more work on this piece, it now looks a little bit better than it used to do. 
Drawn on size A4 paper using 0.5mm HB and 2B mechanical pencil, tissues, blending stumps, erasers.

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Amy Lee. A pencil portrait drawing of the singer from the band Evanescense

Amy Lee. 
My drawing of Amy Lee, singer and songwriter from the rock band Evanescence. One of my earliest portraits that I drew in 2009.

It was drawn on A4 paper, using HB pencil and pastels on some darker areas and hair.

SERVAL. Digital drawing of an African Wildcat

This is one of the very few non traditional drawings that I have ever done. 
It was actually drawn using an on-line graffiti program. Just used my computer and the mouse to draw this.

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Tree. A large pastel drawing of a tree in the golden sunset

An older pastel drawing of mine. I came across a picture of a tree on-line one day and decided to do this drawing based on it. It’s drawn in soft pastels on A2 paper.

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Spiky trees and the cottage. Large pastel drawing of a cottage in a tree lined lane. A colourful sky with blues, purples and oranges

One of my old pastel drawings. This is a drawing that I did a few years ago. 
Quit a large drawing, done on size A2 paper using soft pastels.

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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Grandpa's Cottage.

This drawing is a few years old. 
I went through a stage of drawing spiky trees in my pictures that year. 
It was done on size A2 paper using soft pastels.

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Hi there and welcome to my new blog.
I will be posting my artwork here.
I will start with a few of my older pastel drawings but then will post my later pencil drawings.
You can see more of my art at my website
I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork! :)

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