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Hi there and welcome to my blog! I'm a traditional artist from the UK. I specialise in detailed pencil drawings. I draw many things, including people and portrait drawings, gothic and fantasy art, animals, landscapes, fan art and more. On this blog I will post all my latest finished drawings. I will also keep you updated with work in progress pictures of the latest art that I am working on and keep you informed with any news regarding me and my artwork. My website -

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Just want let you know why I have not been very active lately.
This year has been a very sad one for me and my family and things aren’t getting much better. Not only did I lose my Dad last month, which I have been finding very hard to come to terms with, but my Grandads partner recently passed away too. They were together for 17 years, she was a lovely person and my Grandad loved her dearly. 
My Grandad is 91 years old and he’s not coping with the loss of his partner and we are worried about him, we are having to spend a lot of time with him and having to give him lots of support to try and help him through this.
So, with the worry of my Grandad and me also trying to cope with the loss of my Father I have been finding things very hard.
These are difficult times, it’ been such a horrible year.
I said a while ago that I had started drawing again, well, I did do a bit of drawing but because of everything that’s happening at the moment I still haven’t got a finished drawing to show you yet. 
Sorry for not being around much and not posting anything new on here for a while, I hope you understand the reasons why.
Thanks for being patient with me!

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