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Monday, 4 July 2011

A case of on-line art theft (update).

I had case of someone stealing my art recently (Friday 1st July). It was my Eliza Dushku drawing, and it was posted onto Eliza's official facebook page.  This is the second time that somebody has done this but this time someone put a fake signature on it. Unbelievable!
People told me about it and luckily the picture was removed very quickly.

It makes me mad to think that people steal art like this! Hours of hard work go into my drawings and it's horrible to see somebody else trying to claim my work as theirs.

I am now thinking that I am going to have to change the watermarks on my work, may have to put a larger and more prominent watermark on them.

I must say a big THANK YOU to the good people that alerted me about what happened!
It happened to another artist on the same site -
On Eliza's official facebook page she asked people to send in fan art of her, the winning artwork would then be featured as her profile picture for a while. 
The winning piece was a great painting by the artist Paul Burrow, trouble is that Paul did not submit it, somebody else posted it without his permission and claimed credit for it.
It was eventually sorted out, many people (including Paul himself) spotted what had happened and a large amount of comments were posted saying it was Pauls work.
Paul Burrow did eventually get credit for his drawing and Paul has said that his website hits have shot through the roof. 
You can check out Paul Burrows website here -, his artwork is superb.

It's just a shame that some of Eliza's fans seem that desperate to get noticed that they resort to art theft! 

Anyway because of what happened with my artwork being stolen twice now, I am in the process of changing the watermarks on all of my drawings in the hope of deterring people from stealing my work.  I don't like watermarks very much but I think I have no choice but to use them.
I'm sorry for my lack of activity recently.

Things haven't quite been going to plan and I've had a difficult time with things lately.
It's been a tough year for me in many ways.
I got way behind with everything lately but hopefully things are getting back to normal now and I will be able to get back on schedule with the things I want to do. Still got commissions to finish but trying to work on completing my own drawings too.

I will try to keep this blog updated a bit more from now on.

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