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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Work in progress: Rush trio part 1 - Geddy Lee

Work in progress:
Geddy Lee - Rush trio part 1

Part of a three piece project I'm working on, there will be two more drawings to go with it. This is a WIP of the first of one. It is Geddy Lee from the prog rock band Rush, he's the lead singer, bass player and plays the keyboards for the band.
Still needs plenty of work yet, you can now see where one of the guitars I drew the other day fits into it.
The idea for the background comes from Rush's current Time Machine tour.
Still got something else to add to it in that blank space.
The other two drawings to go with this will be Alex Lifeson ( lead guitar) and Neil Peart ( Drums).
I have not given up on the Jessica Alba drawing, just rested it for a little while and will be getting back to it soon.

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  1. That drawing of Geddy Lee is amazing. It looks exactly like him, and you totally captured his expression!! Can't wait to see Alex and Neil, please try to finish it soon!! Thanks Mary P.

  2. Hi Mary. Thank you very much! I will try to get it finished soon. :)