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Hi there and welcome to my blog! I'm a traditional artist from the UK. I specialise in detailed pencil drawings. I draw many things, including people and portrait drawings, gothic and fantasy art, animals, landscapes, fan art and more. On this blog I will post all my latest finished drawings. I will also keep you updated with work in progress pictures of the latest art that I am working on and keep you informed with any news regarding me and my artwork. My website -

Colour drawings

Some of the colour drawings I've done. 

Works done using either colour pencil or pastels.

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This is a colour pencil drawing that I did back in January 2014.

A profile portrait of a red haired woman with green eyes, there's broken glass shattering in the background behind her.
The idea of the shattered glass behind the girl came from a smashed photo frame that I had at home.

This is drawn on A4 Canson Bristol board.

I started out using Derwent Academy colour pencils (only had a small set of those when I started this). I got myself a large box of Derwent coloursoft pencils and finished it off using them.
The girl is based on a photo by Alraunie-stock -


A quick pastel drawing that I did in October 2012.
A portrait of a woman looking onwards towards a planet, the darkness of outer space in the background.

The drawing was done with soft pastels on a large piece of black card.
The original size of the drawing is about 60cm x 32 cm (23 1/2 inch x 12 1/2 inch).

Spiky trees and the cottage

Quite an old Pastel drawing of mine that I did several years ago. 
This was drawn on A2 sized cartridge paper using soft pastels.


A quick drawing I did in pastels ages ago. I saw a photo of a tree on-line and just drew it one day. 
It is on A3 paper.
Grandpa's cottage

I drew this a several of years ago.
I gave it to my Grandfather as a gift, I asked him and he said he didn't mind me showing it on here.
I used soft pastels, size A2.


This is one of the very few non traditional drawings that I have ever done. It was actually drawn using an on-line graffiti program. Just used my computer and the mouse to draw this. This drawing is featured at the The SVCC Savannah cat breeders website and is currently being used as their banner. You can see it by visiting their website -

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